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Who am I?

I’m a South African born writer who immigrated to Belgium in 2001. Like countless immigrants before me, I had to learn a new language (Dutch) and go back to school to re-qualify before finding a job in 2004.

For over ten years now, I’ve been working as a community worker in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods of two ex-mining communities – Maasmechelen and Genk – where I’ve worked with children, new immigrants, second-language speakers, long-term unemployed, senior citizens, undereducated adults, ex-detainees and more.

Beside my job, I’ve been writing fiction in various forms for many years. My first YA (Young Adult) novel, Head over heart, (Chicken House), was published on 3 July 2014. My second book, an adult novel, What to do with lobsters in a place like Klippiesfontein (Cargo Press) is published on 1 May 2015. Both books are to be translated to German.

A few years ago, I decided to combine my love for writing with my practical experience, and trained as a creative writing teacher at ‘Creatief Schrijven vzw’ in Antwerp. I now teach creative writing to both English language writers (expats and second-language speakers) as well as to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What can I do for you?

1. In 2015, I will be running fiction workshops and/or courses for English-language writers (not necessarily native speakers), beginning with a Short Story Course in Maastricht, starting up in April 2015. I’m looking at organising courses in Brussels, Amsterdam and other expat centres too. Should you be interested in enrolling in one of these, send me an email and I can keep you up to date.

2. Besides English-language fiction courses, I also teach creative writing for children (in both Dutch and English) in schools, youth centres and libraries. These courses/workshops are tailor-made to your school or organisation’s requirements, financial possibilities and the children’s age-group. Should you want to organise one of these courses in your school or library, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information?

3. And finally I give workshops to parents, grandparents, school groups, libraries about ‘Why reading aloud to your child is fundamental’. Again, should you be interested in hosting one of these workshops, please contact me for further information?


I regularly plan new creative writing courses in both Dutch and English. Click here for more information.

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