Is there a colour divide in African literature?

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Recently I read an article by Jennifer Malecówna in which she talks about a black South African man, Fort Helepi, who opened a bookshop, African Flavour Books, in the small town of Vanderbijlpark in South Africa. ( Helepi saved for … Lees verder

Solitary confinement

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Last week I was listening to the radio and heard the story of the prisoner, Albert Woodfox, who spent forty-three years in solitary confinement in a Louisiana jail. Forty-three years! Just think about that. Besides what it says about the … Lees verder

Why do we write?

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Last weekend I was away on a writers’ retreat with thirteen other writers in the Flemish countryside. Amongst the range of writerly topics we discussed was the question, Why do we write? One of the writers possessed a huge load … Lees verder

The Reluctant Blogger

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It is with a lot of trepidation that I put pen to paper (you would imagine in 2015 I’d be putting cursor to screen but I still write everything out first in longhand), for this, my first ever blog post. … Lees verder